How to find your cDNA clone from OriGene website?

Finding a right clone from OriGene website sometimes can be very confusing. The best way to do this is to search the clone via NCBI reference number. So before you start looking through OriGene website, go to NCBI website first.
Pick up the option “Gene” and put your gene name (e.g. human p53) in the box, click “Search”.

Normally you will see a list of relevant genes on the next page.  Choose the correct one and click on the link. You can find the reference number (e.g. NM_000546 for p53 isoform a) from the next page. It should be in the “mRNA and Protein(s)” section.
You can search all the OriGene products related to your gene by the NCBI reference number.

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