Monthly Archives: February 2013

new transfection reagent for the multipotent stem cells

DreamFect™ Stem (TT100159 & TT100160) is an original, simple and efficient method especially developed to transfect multipotent stem cells with high transfection efficiency and superior transgene expression level.

1.       High transfection efficiency for multipotent Stem Cells

2.     Minimized toxicity due to reagent biodegradability and low DNA amount required

3.       Do not affect phenotype and differentiation potential

4.       Serum Compatible

5.      Simple, Ready-to-use and rapid (one vial, no specific buffer, no need magnetic plate)

Do you need to linearize the plasmid DNA before stable transfection?

It is not necessary to linearize a plasmid before stable transfection. Linearize the plasmid will increase the chances of correct integration, but also reduces the transfection efficiency. So in the end, there is no big difference between these two methods.